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Business Taxi & Corporate Transport Services

Business Taxi

When you order a business taxi with Primo Transfer, you can be sure of the fact that we will provide you with the most comfortable and punctual service. We have a suitable solution for all your business taxi needs.

We mainly operate in Rotterdam, the Hague and Amsterdam. However, we can serve your transportation needs to all the European airports and cities against the most affordable prices while using state of the art luxury vehicles and well-trained chauffeurs.

For more information regarding our business taxi or corporate transportation services, you can send us an e-mail or call us.


Being punctual is a promise

Corporate Transportation

woman riding in a car with chauffeur

When you order your corporate transportation with us, you don’t just order a luxury vehicle and a well-suited driver. You also expect us to understand the importance of your travel and time.

That is why we only employ drivers who have at least five years of experience when it comes to business taxi and corporate transportation to ensure high-end services and punctuality.

VIP Car Travel with Business taxi
Extra reasons to choose for us
A few reasons to use our Corporate Transfer services.

Not only are we always on time but we also offer you extra options free of cost when you ask for our assistance.

You can count on us to call us for assistance 24/7. We are able to offer our business taxi services, executive tranfer services and corporate car service all the time.

All our vehicles are equiped with wireless internet connection all the time. Free of charge ofcourse.

You can choose the language of your driver, in addition to Dutch and English we can help you with 25 other languages as well.

We have all the right papers to serve you with our services.